RnR_Lady Memorial tourneys

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RnR_Lady Memorial tourneys

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:24 am

Hi everyone.  

It's been just over a year since Kay passed away and we are going to have 2 Memorial Tourneys in her honour. 
Prizes will be given for First, Second and Third place in each tourney... 
There will also be some 'special surprise prizes'.....BUT you have to be in the room to win !

The tournaments are scheduled : 
Monday February 12th  7:00 am PT ~ 5/5 Single Elimination
Monday February 12th  5:30 pm PT ~ 1/1 Triple Elimination

*Prizes are NOT sponsored by SHG or Happy Gammon
The prizes were donated by Kays Friends. 

Results/prices from 7:00 am PT  memorial tourney :

       Itunes $15 Gift Certiicate - chosen by MellowMike - 1st place
    Visa $25 Gift Certificate  - chosen by maikaa - 2nd place
    Silver earrings .925 - chosen by IrishMist - 3rd place
    Silver half moon earings - chosen by UBG_Angel_D_8 - random
    Bracelet with hearts - Kit_Kat - first person eliminated

      Congrats winners  !!!!

Results/prices from 5:30 pm PT  memorial tourney :

SHG membership (donatd by UBG Team) chosen by PRO_Casey23 - 1st place
Visa $50 Gift Certificate (donated by PRO Team) chosen by SG_tootset1 - 2nd place
Visa $20 Gift Certificate (donated by fatherfig1) chosen by TM7_lonewolf1 - 3rd place

Gold earings 10 kt  (donated by fatherfig1) chosen by PRO_4LIFE - random gift
Chain necklace with birds/fish (donated by fatherfig1) chosen by golddust - random gift
Taco Bell Cert - (donated by fatherfig1) chosen by  Misfit__Dot  - random gift
Scarf (made and donated by SilverVal) chosen by  Misfit_SandnSea - random gift

A special Thank You to Puddy_Tat and SilverVal for hosting these two special tourneys in memory of our RocknRoll_Lady.  I bet she's still rocking and a rolling!!

And as I may add a special thank you for Island_Gal who made this possible !!!

Also a great big Thank You to fatherfig1, CalKat and the PRO Team, Pocahantos and the UBG Team and to SilverVal for their generous donations.  VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

°·..·°o*o°·..·°  Rest In Peace Kay °·..·°o*o°·..·° Gone but never fogotton °·..·°o*o°·..·°

*TR4 and its hosts and directors are not responsible for the gifts


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