Happy Gammon Tournament Rules

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Happy Gammon Tournament Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:16 am

Notes to the rules set below:
*Rules sets may slightly be different depending on the format , they can be either SINGLE or DOUBLE elimination with variable points in rules 1 and 2
*The timelimits set in rule 12 are a GOAL we try to achieve. Depending on the smooth progress of the tournament, the host MAY NEED to force a decision on pipcount. Sometimes that is not needed depending on byes in further rounds during the tournament.

Happy Gammon Tournaments Rules :

1     This is a XX point SINGLE elimination Tournament. 

2     Final is a XX Points Match
       Doubling is allowed and Encouraged in all Matches.

3     Please do not start until host gives the " All Start" 

4     Assignments and all other official statements 
       will be given by your Happy Gammon Host.
       Hosts decisions are FINAL!

5     Any disputes, problems or questions should be addressed
       to the host, who has the right to DQ any player
       for violating rules.

6     SHG Guidelines (CGL) and Happy Gammon 
       prohibit the use of all CAPS or
       OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE in the lobby.

7     Winners (ONLY) of the game should report:
       **** Winner / Loser  @ Table # ****
       (Please use asterisks)

8     Opponents who disconnect prior to the completion
       of the game MUST be reported as booted:
       ****  OPP booted @ Table # **** 
       False Post = DQ!

9     Players gone 5 minutes or 4 times in a match 
       will forfeit THAT match.
       Games MUST be restored upon return..

10    Kibitzers may be silenced if either player wishes
       but kibitzing must be left on. 

11    Please be patient! Other games may need to finish
       before you can be assigned your next opponent.

12    All 5 point matches have a 30 minute time limit
       All 3 point matches have a 25 minute time limit
       All 1 point matches have a 20 minute time limit
       A timewarning CAN be given during the match..

13    Playing in another room while signed up in a Happy Gammon
       Tourney will result in a DQ.

14    We strongly suggest that winners hit ALT + Prt Scrn
       to protect their win, before exiting game table.

15    Most of all, thank you for coming to play in HappyGammon
       Good Luck [:::] Everyone!!! 
       Host is checking tables.   We will be starting Soon!!!!


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